GREEN RIDERS Day 2: By the Numbers…

Posted by on June 26, 2012

GREEN RIDERS Day 2: By the Numbers…

2: Riders

68: Kilometers

6: liters of water consumed

678:Number of random unsolicited “hellos” screamed from the roadside and passing vehicles

1: Number of times a stripped bolt caused Jamie’s rack to fall off

1: Number of broken spokes causing Kenny’s rear wheel to wobble uncontrollably

All of them: Number of spokes clearly insufficiently tightened on wheels

15: Number of snakes on the roadside

15-14=1: Number of snakes still living

6: Number of chicken kebabs required to ease frustration

2 Responses to GREEN RIDERS Day 2: By the Numbers…

  1. Angela Czubak

    I hope you took pictures of the snakes!!! You should get a critter cam! Did you run them over? Be careful!!

  2. greenriders

    They were already flattened! I promise… But I am reconsidering snakeskin as a material for paving road shoulders…

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