GREEN RIDERS Day 3: By the Numbers…

Posted by on June 27, 2012

GREEN RIDERS Day 3: By the Numbers…

0: Kilometers pedaled

2: Broken spokes requiring drive to Krabi for repair

2: Number of flat tires (on truck to Krabi for bike repair)

1: Number of previously flat “spare” tires

1: Number of friend’s trucks spontaneously arriving to repair our truck

1: Number of spare “spare” tires required from friend’s truck

1: Number of “spare spare” tries previously flat

10: Estimated number of kilos Jamie will ship home to shed weight

4: Number of Thai iced teas consumed at lunch while celebrating day’s successes

Tomorrow… Kayaking in the mangroves!

2 Responses to GREEN RIDERS Day 3: By the Numbers…

  1. Lynne Raskin

    Keep it up you guys……someone ship these guys new bikes and keep going!!

  2. greenriders

    The bikes have been reborn! Tight spokes, rebuilt racks, reset bar ends, aligned derailers… We’re ready to roll!

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