Episode Four – Give me a spare tire, and I’ll build you a playground…

Posted by on July 11, 2012

In episode four, GREEN RIDERS are invited to join Peace Corps volunteer Julia Schulteis at Din Udom, the cluster of villages where she works in Krabi province, Thailand. We get to check out an incredible playground, built entirely by the community, out of old tires. After, we cycle a few kilometers to the neighbouring village, and spend the afternoon working with the community to plant trees in their school’s playground, to create shady outdoor learning spaces. A completely empowering window into how a couple small rural communities are coming together to enrich the environment and lives of their children. Wow. Seriously… Wow.


4 Responses to Episode Four – Give me a spare tire, and I’ll build you a playground…

  1. Ravi and Nina

    Been following your video journal. Looks like you are having a great time. Love the spare tire playground.
    Ravi and Nina

  2. Ed Schulteis

    Thanks for visiting my daughter’s village and letting us see some of the projects the communities worked together on, during her two years with the Peace Corp in Thailand.
    Ed Schulteis

  3. greenriders

    THANKS Mr. Schulteis!
    We really loved meeting Julia and seeing the work she was doing. We still keep in touch and consider her a good friend and inspiration! Hopefully, we’ll meet up again some day!

    take care,

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