A known predator of the Bamboo Bike. Photo by John Barker from Flickr

What? A bike made of bamboo?

That was our first reaction too… But the more we looked into it, heard about other bamboo-bike touring experiences and got to know AhSun Chuah, the man behind the machine… the more excited we got!

Of course… Bamboo is light, strong, shock-absorbant, completely sustainable and non-polluting. Maybe a better question would be: Why not bamboo? 

So, we are thrilled to have partnered with Ahsun and his company Bamboobee, and to be riding his beautiful bikes along the GREEN RIDERS road! We’ll just have to stay away from hungry pandas along the way… 🙂

Take a look at the images below of AhSun’s from his incredible Bamboo Bike journey along the Silk Road. We’ll have images of our own customized beauties as soon as they’re ready to roll!








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