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  1. Afam Uzoechina


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  2. Travis

    Good stuff PV. I have a buddy who teaches at a small school in Pekanbaru (Sumatra) so if your route is going that way let me know and I’ll hook you up.

  3. greenriders

    Thanks for the support, and the hookup! We’ll hopefully be finalizing our route by the beginning of April. Keep pedalling!

  4. Nesa Albeper

    I would like to join you at some part of your journey…how do I do that? what type of bike etc…please give me some details….thanks. Nesa (012 3270560).

  5. greenriders

    Hey Nesa!
    Thanks for the offer. We’d love to have you along for a stretch! Yay, more green riders! What you’ll need will depend somewhat on how we end up finalizing our route (which is still a bit rough) and where you’re based. If you’d like to continue the conversation, maybe give us an email at and we can sort it out! Let us know where you are and what you think you’re up for!
    Keep peddaling!

  6. Bret izzo

    Hey guys, Im a student and am currently planning to build a bamboo bike as a engeinerring project. What tips would you have for me starting my project, any planing errors you made that I could learn from? Anything will help


  7. admin

    Hi Bret,

    Sorry! Somehow I missed your comment… We actually didn’t build our bikes, but the good people at Bamboobee did. I would highly recommend contacting them. Good luck! We’d love to see how your project goes…

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