Six weeks. Two bamboo bikes. A camera. A continent of environmental stories, struggles and successes. Plus, several thousand kilometers of twisted little roads stringing it all together. Welcome to GREEN RIDERS: Southeast Asia.

From June 2012 Kenny and Jamie will journey by bamboo bike and other sustainable means from Phuket, Thailand to Bali, Indonesia. Along the way we’ll be exploring Southeast Asia’s wealth of biodiversity, and meeting with groups and individuals involved in its protection and destruction. Plus, making connections with communities to learn more about their conservation efforts and promoting environmental education and action to protect the region’s threatened natural gems.

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GREEN RIDERS is a project of the Environmental Education Alliance of South East Asia (EEASEA).

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  1. Lynne raskin


  2. Shirley Kitchens

    Can’t wait to share the adventure with you!

  3. Andrew Hancock

    Hi Jamie, Great story and initiative. If you need a ride support crew through Singapore or southern Malaysia, let me know and I’m only too happy to help. Cheers, Andrew

  4. greenriders

    Thanks Andrew! We’d love to have you cycling with us for a stretch! Lets keep in touch on this. We’ll send you some more precise landing dates when we have some! Much love from Tokyo!

  5. Augusta West

    Can’t wait to follow your adventures on this awesome journey! Very inspiring.

  6. Lisa

    Hi Jamie and Kenny,

    This sounds like an amazing adventure and a great way to explore the global issues facing the region. Good luck and keep the stories coming!

  7. greenriders

    Cheers Lisa!
    Thanks for the support! I saw your name and it struck a chord, then I remembered you from both Service Learning workshops! We’re hoping educators like you can work with us on the Enviro Ed./Action elements… We’re aiming to build a whole lot of GIN-appropriate resources out of this journey. Warm regards, Jamie (& Kenny)

  8. Sherri

    Hi guys!

    Hip Hip Hooray!!! Amazing stuff…..let me know how we can best support you here in Bali. I’m sure that we can round up a few riders to join you and get you off for a good start to your incredible trip 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you in Bali in June.

  9. greenriders

    Thanks Sherri!
    We’d love to ride with a keen like-minded team at any point along this long, bumpy, gorgeous road!

  10. Geoff

    Keeping an eye on the clock and countdown.
    Trust all the Bangkok planning has set the plan into action !
    Will certainly be following you on your exploits.

  11. greenriders

    Cheers Geoff! Was great to meet and learn with you on the barge. Bangkok has set the gears spinning, so you can expect the pilot video soon!

  12. lynda

    Cycle safely but stop and enjoy the view too!

  13. greenriders

    Thanks Lynda! Hope to see you next time we swing through Bangkok!

  14. Simon


    Awesome initiative mate, I will follow yours and Jamie’s journey with great anticipation. If I could I would join you for a stint on the bike. It’s a bit far to pedal from NZ though.

  15. greenriders

    Hey Simon!

    THANKS MAN… ya.. WISH ya could join us for a stint… hop on a ferry and meet us in Bali! HA! Hope we connect again sometime… keep in touch and help us spread the word!


  16. ecogear

    May the winds be on yr back!

  17. Eric Lim

    I think I have good appreciation of the efforts required for the journey…. I had hosted and had good conversations with Andrea Munger who cycled more than 13,000km (over 10-month period) from Switzerland (Lausanne) to Kuala Lumpur, arriving at my place on 6/4/12. You can see some interesting photographs of him in my profile.

    Go for it, guys! Have a safe and fruitful journey!


  18. greenriders

    Wow! What a journey! I wish we had time like that to keep going too! Thanks for sharing and supporting Eric.

  19. conor

    Love the vision for this 2 wheel odyssey! Great initiative Kenny/Jamie.

    The doors are open at Green Camp in Bali to provide a night or 2 of rest/food for your team. It also would be great to share your story/journey with the Green School students if plans allow. And as Sherri mentioned, I’m sure we could get some riders out to join you for a leg or 2 on the island of the gods. Keep us posted on your schedule.

    Safe travels,

  20. greenriders

    Great news Conor! We’d love to spend a night or two with you at Green Camp, and do some work with your students… Maybe we could do something like collaboratively produce a series episode with them? Something that looks at where Green Camp has taken their own environmentalism, and what matters to them… Maybe something quite embedded in the local community… Any ideas?

    Cheers! Jamie

  21. Martin

    Sounds like a great adventure Kenny. Looking forward to following your progress this summer – from my deckchair on the beach.

  22. Williams Family

    Way to be the change you want to see in the world and promote peace at the same time! We support you guys! The Williams Family, K.L.

  23. Carolyn Brunner

    Your buddies from Buffalo State will be staying tuned to your adventures this summer. We all wish you the best and are so impressed with your endeavors!

  24. Lamar Bullock

    Way to go t man

  25. greenriders

    THANKS Mr. Bullock! Are you in Georgia?

  26. greenriders

    Hey Carolyn! MANY THANKS for the SUNY SUPPORT and best wishes! We appreciate it!


  27. greenriders

    THANKS a bunch!

    Hope we can meet up soon… if you’re still in KL in July.. join us for a ride!

    take care,

  28. greenriders

    Hey! I knew I could count on ya for the deckchair support! See ya again soon!


  29. Sean Thompson

    In a word… wow

    Jamie Raskin, you impress me sir.
    Looking forward to the voyeurism ahead.

  30. greenriders

    Get on it Mr T! Planning on doing some solid training runs in Tokyo over the next bit… Care to join?

  31. Nicolas Doucet

    Cool stuff! Very inspiring. We’ll be checking that out with Louis!

  32. David

    Good luck guys! You are inspirational.
    Miss you already Jamie!

  33. greenriders

    Davey! Thanks! I feel like we didn’t really get a good goodbye… We’ll have to make up for it with a particularly good hello at the end of the summer. Enjoy it! Btw… If there’s a strange couple in and out of our home mid-July, it’s OK. They’re house swappers!

  34. greenriders

    Thanks for the support! I can’t wait to hear what Louis says!

  35. michelle

    Love hearing about your adventures! What a great initiative.
    Your my hero Raskin & company.xo

  36. greenriders

    Love you Cormier! See you… soon? xo

  37. Freddie Aziz

    we from Malaysia very enjoy ride with you guys!!!

  38. greenriders

    We love riding with you too Freddie! We’ll reconnect with you soon! Enjoy the ride…

  39. Paul Axelrod

    From Susan and Paul in Toronto – everything looks outstanding. Good luck en route – avoid the pythons.

  40. greenriders

    Thanks Paul & Susan! Should be more little videos dribbling out soon enough. Python-free, as far as I can predict… Though cobras, that’s another story…

  41. Green Rabbit

    Wow, good luck with this! Get your shots and don’t forget tons of memory sticks and rugged hard drives!

  42. greenriders

    THANKS.. we got it covered.. we hope!

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