GREEN RIDERS Day 5: By the Numbers!

Posted by on June 30, 2012

103-104: Number of Kilometers pedaled (depending on whose computer you trust)

1: Number of potentially severe mechanical failures

1: Number of small pebbles taped in place to keep Kenny’s derailleur from going to bits

1: Number of flat tires incurred immediately after fixing above issue

678,985: Number of rubber trees seen today

1: Number of rubber trees seen which were the first in Thailand

5: Maximum number of people seen on a single motorbike

23: Number of seconds after entering lunch restaurant before the heavens opened up and gave us some

0: Amount of items soaked by the rain

0: Amount of money Kenny remembered to remove from non-waterproof side pocket before storm

Spot the malfunctions! Can you see all three?


2 Responses to GREEN RIDERS Day 5: By the Numbers!

  1. Elif Raskin

    Flat tyre
    Green string – for the brakes?

  2. greenriders

    Close close! You’re missing the stone taped inside the front derailleur! 20 points!

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