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Posted by on August 1, 2014

Kenny reflects on the good times and his favorite videos.

I agree with Jamie’s favorite videos too.  In fact, it’s hard to pick because each one has a unique story with really cool people that are dedicated to the environment and sustainability in very different ways.

But I picked the two videos below.

I chose Episode 8- We Love you Kelab Alami because Serina from Kelab Alami is a good friend of mine and also a hero!  She is so dedicated to her students that it’s awe inspiring.  The way she talks about the kids in the club and how much they have been learning and doing to teach the elders in their village about mangrove and seagrass conservation makes you want to get out and start your own Kelab Alami!

It was also a great way to bring the two worlds of the Kelab Alami kids and the students from Univerity Putra Malaysia on the recycled bicycles together.  A lot of mutual teaching and learning happened that day.  It was magic!

I also picked Episode 9- Singapore Swingin’ because it was great to meet Sunny who had built our bamboo bikes and take a tour of Singapore with him.  The citizens we met in Singapore were incredibly vocal and active.  I’ve never seen such a dedicated bunch of people that want to make their city a better place with sustainable transport and cycling lanes.  Not to mention that Lastrina, who organized the Singapore leg of GREEN Riders, is one of the most organized and dedicated people we met along the whole trip!

Both Serina and Lastrina are some of my best friends and a source of inspiration to this day!


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