Thank you to our growing list of supporters via the GREEN RIDERS: Indiegogo fund raising site…

Susan, Paul & Kaitlyn Axelrod-Friedman
Ahsun Chuah
Kristin Dodds
Gaye & Daryl Johnston
Lynne Raskin
Liz Straffon


The following is a quick and by no means final list of ways you can get on board and support GREEN RIDERS!

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Read and share and subscribe to this blog
  • Check out our map on Every Trail
  • Use the GIN lessons to be provided on the GREEN Riders website
  • Advertise for us!  (write an article, make electronic posters, send to your friends)
  • Help us translate the videos to Bahasa!
  • submit lesson plans or worksheets following the videos and GIN issues
  • start up an annual bike ride for the environment in your community (and raise funds on an annual basis for EEASEA!)
  • Take action and get inspired to set up a socially responsible project in your community

2 Responses to SUPPORT

  1. Akmal Azfar

    Hye, My name is Akmal Azfar, i from University Putra Malaysia, Graduated in env Scince… I runs Putra Bike Center here in UPM Serdang… I used teach student to cycle.. I have 30 bicycle for any programme purpose… I also can help u to planing total route when crossing Penisula Malaysia. Hope we may discuss in area that we can cooperate.. I have all the budget and funding

  2. admin

    Hi Akmal! Thanks for writing. It’s great to hear that you’re willing to support GREEN Riders. We can certainly use your expertise! Kenny Peavy is also based in KL, so he would probably be the best person for you to contact! Please write to us at, and we can have a discussion. Keep peddaling!

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